Booking a Long Appointment

If you require an insurance medical, pre-employment medical, review of a complex health problem, counselling for emotional difficulties, or a second opinion, please book a longer appointment. Please bring relevant letters and test results from other doctors if required. If more than one person wishes to be seen by your doctor at the same time, please advise reception.


Please notify the clinic well in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment. A non-attendance fee of $25.00 will billed if you do not attend


Doctors in this practice are competent at handling all the common health problems. When necessary, they are able to draw on opinion from Specialists, and if need be, refer you for further investigation. You can discuss this with your doctor. There is a $5.00 charge for repeat referrals without consultation.

Provision of access to health information incurs a fee. This fee depends on the level of access desired and the time involved.

Transferring an Individual’s Health Information to another Health Service Provider

There is a fee for transferring patient histories to another clinic.